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Massage Connect

Everyone it seems is connected someway through social media or internet platforms. Massage Therapists are no different, and the power of business growth starts with a strong community connection.

Whether it’s still Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Instagram or a newer social media platform, the internet seems to be joining people and communities world wide. But where does this leave massage therapists as business owners or practitioners?

When you are primarily interested in face-to-face conversations and your strength is in your hands, your touch, how do you reach out in the digital age to let people you don’t know, that you can help them. Massage Connect is a powerful digital medium for bringing massage therapists from all modalities and locations within Australia into the heart of their communities.

Massage Connect, does not favour one association or another, it does not discriminate among therapists based on qualifications.  Massage Connect promotes all massage places. We also ENCOURAGE and EMPOWERS prospective customers to research and contact therapists to ensure a strong wellness relationship that meets their individual needs and expectations.

Look up a therapists by name, location, massage style.  Read about their practice, view their business information, visit their websites and best of all, call or contact them direct for an appointment. How easy is that ?

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